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Rajeev Katyal is an alumnus of IIM Kolkata, Delhi College of Engineering and St. Columba’s High School. A veteran of the Human Resource Development industry, he has over 33 years experience in the field of Education and Skill Development.
He has written, spoken and advised on various education and training forums. He has been a member of the School Education Committees of both the Confederation of Indian Industry as well as the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Rajeev Katyal is of the opinion that Indian history should be written in such a way that young Indians, history buffs and serious students of the subject can find it readable and it changes their perspective of India and develops greater national pride.
Driven by this passion, he has studied Indian history and counts the subject Indian Social and Political History studied at IIM Kolkata as one of his favorites. Incidentally it is IIM Kolkata that has given many writers to the Indian historical scene. He has now authored his first work Battles of Delhi that focuses on the theme of preserving the unity and integrity of India by studying a series of battles fought around the city that determined whether it was the invaders or Indians who would rule India.

As Director Education at Microsoft, rajeev Katyal led Microsoft initiatives in the Education sector of India, also interacting with leading Education bodies and authorities on policy and education initiatives. He has also led several Education and Training businesses at NIIT, travelling the length and breadth of India to implement large scale training programs. Today he leads a chain of schools in India and Japan called the Global Indian International Schools, virtually setting up and running schools from scratch to full functionality. Visiting 25 countries and setting up NIIT in 16 of them is an achievement he is proud of.



  • Country Director
    Global Indian School Education Services
    August 2010 – Present (7 years)

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  • Director Education
    Microsoft Corporation ( I ) Pvt. Ltd.
    March 2008 – December 2010
    (2 years 10 months)

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  • Senior Vice President
    NIIT Ltd.
    April 2005 – February 2008
    (24 years)

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"Battles For Delhi - Dilli Kareeb Ast"

The Book “Battles for Delhi – Dilli Kareeb Ast“ talks about preserving and strengthening the unity and integrity of India. It looks at India through the eyes of its Capital city Delhi and the Battles in history around Delhi over 600 years that shaped the destiny of both the Nation and the City itself.

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