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Avanijanasharaya Pulakeshin:

Avanijanasharaya Pulakeshin

Avanijanasharaya Pulakeshin:

The Chalukyas of Navsari ruled what are parts of modern-day Maharashtra and Southern Gujarat. A Viceroy Avanijanashraya Pulakeshin came to power sometime between 731 and 73 AD.

Al Hakam, an Arab commander advanced into Gujarat defeating smaller kings and chiefs. He is said to have been decisively defeated by Avanijanashraya in a fierce battle of Navsari in 739 AD thus ending all attempts by Arabs to drive into Central India or any further inroads into Gujarat. The Arabs had advanced up to Navsari after plundering the kingdoms of the Saindhavas, Kachchelas, Saurashtra, Chavotkas, Mauryas and Gurjaras.

As a result of this success, Avanijanashraya was given the titles of "solid pillar of Dakshinapatha" (Dakshinapathasadhara), "ornament of the Chalukya family" (Challuki-kulalankara), "beloved of the earth" (Prithvi-vallabha), and "the repeller of the unrepealable" (Anivartaka-nivartayitri). The king who bestowed these titles was the Vatapi Chalukya ruler Vikramaditya II,

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