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The Decline of the Cholas 🛡️⬇️

The Decline of the Cholas 🛡️⬇️

The Decline of the Cholas 🛡️⬇️

The Chola empire was strong till 1215 AD. It started seeing military setbacks under its last two emperors – Rajaraja III who ruled from 1218 AD to 1256 AD and Rajendra III who ruled from 1256 AD to 1279 AD. The Pandyas are said to have a major factor in the decline of Cholas and displaced them as the major power in South India.

However, the lasting of Cholas as a major empire from around 850 AD to around 1280 AD shows sustenance as an empire over 430 years that is by far possibly the longest for any large recorded empire in India. They were a major military power with an all-conquering Navy and a mighty elephant corps. They invaded and conquered territories as far as Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Maldives. A large part of South India was with them. They were great administrators and temple builders as well as a great economic power. Under them, India dared to look overseas for expansion and accomplish it. Picture – courtesy Sundar Lakshman

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