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Shashanka, King of Gauda

Shashanka, King of Gauda

Shashanka, King of Gauda

To Shashanka goes the credit for setting up the first historically recognized kingdom in Bengal called Gauda Desh. His kingdom was based on the declining of the Gupta empire and Shashanka’s incredibly strong war like nature and strong army. Shashanka waged war on Kamarupa, Gupta kings and Kanyakubja. He was defeated by Harshavardhana but kept his own kingdom intact. He ruled from between 590 and 600 AD to about 625 AD and 637 AD. He is mentioned by Banabhatta, the author of Harshacharita and by Chinese traveller Xuanzang. He is said to have got built a man-made lake Sarasanka Dighi in Miidnapore, the size of 80 football fields. Shashanka is a seminal figure in the history of East India and Bengal. Picture courtesy – Wikipedia and Assam Mint

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