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Bappa Rawal defeats the Arabs:

Bappa Rawal defeats the Arabs:

Bappa Rawal defeats the Arabs:

Bappa Rawal is considered as the founder of the Kingdom of Mewar under the Guhila dynasty. A legendary warrior king, he is said to have formed a confederacy of kingdoms in what is now Rajasthan to resist Arab invasions. He is often variously referred to as either Kalabhoj or as Shiladitya. There are stories of him having not only chased the Arabs beyond the Indus but also reached into what is now modern-day Afghanistan and defeated the invading forces. The city of Rawalpindi is said to have been founded as a place of habitation by him. He is said to have aligned with Nagabhatta Pratihara, founder of the Pratihara dynasty to defeat invading Arabs.

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