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Decline of Rashtrakutas

Decline of Rashtrakutas

Decline of Rashtrakutas

After the death of Indra III in 929 AD, these were weak kings and much territory was lost. Krishna III briefly restored the glory of the Rashtrakuta empire from 939 to 967 AD. But weaknesses continued inside the empire. Many feudatories rebelled and even Manyakheta was sacked by Paramaras. The weakened empire ended under Indra IV in 982 AD. He committed fasting unto death by Sallekhna in the Jain tradition, an eerily similar way to Chandragupta Maurya.

The Rathores of Rajputana and Gahadvalas of Kannauj are reputed to have branched out of Rashtrakutas. One of India’s greatest empires and like the Gurjara Pratiharas has not got its due from historians, not being recognized as a true pan-Indian empire that lasted from 735 AD to 982 AD, a total of 247 years, long even by global standards. The famous Kailashnatha temple at Ellora is attributed to Rashtrakutas. ( courtesy – Pratheeps )

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