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Dhruva Dharavarsha and Krishna I of the Rashtrakutas

Dhruva Dharavarsha and Krishna I of the Rashtrakutas

Dhruva Dharavarsha and Krishna I of the Rashtrakutas

Dantidurga was succeeded by two very able rulers – Krishna I who ruled from 756 to 774 AD and Dhruva Dharavarsha who ruled from 780 AD to 793 AD. Krishna, I conquered present-day Karnataka and Konkan. But it was under Dhruva Dharavarsha that the Rashtrakuta empire assumed pan-India dimensions. It was he who conquered what can roughly be described as the Deccan between the Kaveri river and Central India. He also pushed all the way to Kannauj and defeated Gurjara Pratiharas and Palas. Though they regained their territories later. . It is a pity that the rise and sustenance of this great pan-Indian power from the South has not been written about as an important chapter in the imperial history of India. It is doubly a pity that the impression has been created that India lacked sufficient pan-Indian empires. It was a big country and apart from the Mughals, Mauryas and Guptas, empires like Gurjara Pratihara, Rashtrakuta and Palas acquired large chunks of India at different times and were pan-Indian. A momentous work on each of these three empires – Rashtrakuta, Gurjara Pratihara and Palas is the need of the hour to show the grandeur and unity of India. It is these empires that kept foreign invaders at bay from the middle of 8th century to 1000 AD.

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