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End of the Pratiharas

End of the Pratiharas

End of the Pratiharas

After the capture briefly of Kannauj by Rashtrakutas in 916 AD, the rebellion of clans like Paramaras, Chauhans, Tomaras and Chandellas and fights with Palas in the east led to the Pratihara empire shrinking to a small state around Kanauj. The tenth century AD is a story of the decline of a formidable north Indian empire, the Pratiharas.

Mahmud Ghazni in 1018 AD penetrated deep into a divided and weakened north India where a strong Pratihara empire earlier could have easily defeated him. Mahmud captured Kanauj and the Rajyapala, and the ruler fled. He was captured and killed by Chandelles for not resisting Mahmud Ghazni. The last Pratihara ruler Jasapal died in 1036 AD.

Technically this empire lasted over 300 years from 730 AD to 1036 AD. It rose in AD 730s and reached its zenith in 910 AD. Thereafter began the decline in the tenth century and end in 1036 AD. This empire requires a monumental historical work to capture its glory and the great role it played in thwarting Arabic and Turkic invasions for close to 300 years.

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