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Gopala and Dharampala

Gopala and Dharampala

Gopala and Dharampala – great Pala rulersHistorians describe a period of anarchy in Bengal which led to a succession of rulers trying to establish sovereignty. Gopala finally came to power and as per legend was installed in power by either a group of chieftains or by the large support of people and ruled from around 750 AD for around 20 to 30 years depending upon sources. Dharampala his son ruled then for close to 40 years till about 820 AD. He conquered Kannauj and his reach was as far as Jalandhar. He was defeated by Gurjara Pratiharas who in turns were defeated by Rashtrakutas. An uneasy balance always prevailed among these three empires. Dharampala was a mighty conqueror and ruler for 40 years.

Picture courtesy – Texas University map library

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