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Pratihara Empire – the beginnings

Pratihara Empire – the beginnings

Pratihara Empire – the beginnings

The Pratihara empire came into being in 730 AD. The founder was Nagabhatta Pratihara I who was initially a subsidiary chief. His main claim to fame was the defeat inflicted on Arab Armies led by Commanders Junaid and Tamin which led to a strong check on the Arab expansion beyond Sindh. This battle was fought in 738 AD. Nagabhatta defeated a large army of Arabs composed of infantry, cavalry and camels which had soldiers drawn from as far as Syria. His territory included parts of modern-day Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. This dynasty started in a very powerful way in 730 AD and continued well into its peak till the early 10th century AD. Thereafter it weakened and was finally extinguished in 1036 AD. However, it is very strange that this formidable dynasty that existed and ruled major parts of North India for 300 years, a long reign even by global standards, has never been written off in the same breath as the Mauryas, Guptas and Mughals. Much more needs to be researched and written about the Pratiharas.

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