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The Decline of Palas

The Decline of Palas

The Decline of Palas

The Pala empire started declining after Mahipala. They faced attacks from the south, east and west. A ruler called Rampala managed to hold parts of Bengal together from around 1070 AD to around 1130 AD but things went downhill thereafter. Kamrupa regained its territories and the Gangas of Odisha gained independence. There were conflicts with Gahadvalas towards the West and internal rebellions. The final credible Pala ruler Govindpala ruled a much smaller territory till about 1165 AD. Possibly the last ruler was Palapala who ruled till about 1200 AD but over a very small state. The Palas were overthrown by the Senas.

So the Pala dynasty technically ruled from around 750 AD till about 1200 AD, a long period of 450 years, much helped by the fact that most of its rulers ruled long between 30 to 60 years. It held East India in its grip and to its credit, repeat contests with powers like Gurjara Pratiharas, Rashtrakutas, Cholas and others did not deter the empire from carrying on for long, albeit with territories ranging from small to very large. picture courtesy – Lorenz Franz Kielhorn

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