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Decline of Pratiharas

Decline of Pratiharas

Decline of Pratiharas

The Pratihara empire reached its height under Mahendrapala, son of Mihir Bhoj. From 890 AD to 910 AD. Then internal feuds erupted and along with weaker rulers began the decline. A lot of clans like Paramaras, Chandellas, Chauhans and Tomars became semi-independent. The attacks continued from the South and Indra III, the Rashtrakuta ruler gave a death blow to the Pratihara empire by capturing Kanauj in 916 AD. The Pratihara empire never regained its prestige.

A combination of rebellions by other clans, attacks from Turks in the west and Palas in the east and constant pressure from Rashtrakutas in the south resulted in the Pratihara empire becoming a small state centred around Kanauj.

It is a pity that just when the greatest danger was emerging from North West India in the form of Arabic and Turkic invasions, the Pratiharas were one solid empire that not only thwarted them but kept all invasions of India at bay and this empire declined. Internal fights between Indian forces weakened the one major defence we had in North and North West India to resist Turkic invasions.

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