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Rashtrakuta Dynasty

Rashtrakuta Dynasty

Rashtrakuta Dynasty

The Rashtrakuta empire is yet another great empire that is one of the greatest in Indian history. It was on par with Mauryas, Guptas, Mughals and Pratiharas. Unfortunately, it has not been recognized and treated as such by historians. It deserves to be seen as a great empire, almost pan-Indian at its peak.

Starting in 753 AD, it continued till 982 AD and saw its peak in the 9th century. This is a long duration for any empire of this proportion. It was based in Manyakheta in Karnataka and ruled most of South and West India, conquering Kannauj in its heyday and reaching the Himalayan-fed rivers.

Sulaiman, the Arab historian called it among the four great empires in the world in the 9th century. Our historians familiar with this empire and age should compose and write about it the same way our other great empires have been written about. ( picture source Dineshkannambadi at English Wikipedia )

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