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The death of Mohammed bin Qasim:

The death of Mohammed bin Qasim:

After Raja Dahir’s defeat, his elder queen fought on and then committed Jauhar.

His younger queen was appropriated by Bin Qasim. Raja Dahir had two beautiful daughters named Surya Devi and Parimala Devi. These daughters were sent by Bin Qasim as gifts to the Caliph of the Umayyad Caliphate. When the Caliph approached the daughters, they told him there was no point them being with him as they had already been violated by Bin Qasim.

The enraged Caliph sent orders for Bin Qasim to be sewn alive in raw hide and sent in a box to the palace of the Caliph. Bin Qasim died on the way. When the Caliph showed the body to the daughters of Raja Dahir, they told the Caliph they had deliberately lied to him to avenge the death of their parents at the hands of Qasim.

The Caliph could not bear the trickery and ordered the two girls to be tied to the

tails of horses and dragged in the streets thereby mutilating them. Then he had

them buried alive in a wall to their death. This tale is told in the Chachnama The

attached photo is supposed to be the ruins of Bhambhore, capital of Raja Dahir.

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