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Mihir Bhoja of Pratiharas:

Mihir Bhoja of Pratiharas:

Mihir Bhoja of Pratiharas:

Maharajadhiraja Mihir Bhoja was perhaps the most illustrious of the Pratihara emperors. He ruled for a long period from 836 AD to 885 AD. When he came to power the Pratiharas had suffered a string of defeats that had lowered their prestige. Mihir Bhoja tried to regain it but was defeated by Dev Pala, the ruler of the Pala dynasty. He was also defeated by Dhruva II, a Rashtrakuta king but ultimately Bhoja conquered territory up to the Sutlej river and the borders of Kashmir. He conquered Central India, large parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, present-day parts of Uttar Pradesh and parts of Bengal and conquered beyond the Narmada.

He was considered the most powerful King in India of his time, called also the Rai of Kannauj and Srimad-Adivaraha. He maintained an army of 150,000 and 800 elephants. He was feared by the Arabs and kept the Arab armies of the Abbasid Caliphate at bay. The Pratihara's power reached its peak during his reign and immediately after him. ( picture courtesy Wikipedia )

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