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Raja Dahir – the martyr King of Sindh

Raja Dahir – the martyr King of Sindh

Raja Dahir – the martyr King of Sindh

Raja Dahir was the King of Sindh. He had defeated many attempts by Arabs to conquer his kingdom and killed Arab commanders. Finally the Umayyad Caliphate sent a general called Mohammed Bin River Indus ar Aror in 711 AD. Raja D Qasim. Dahir and Bin Qasim clashed near ahir fought valiantly from his elephant and offered brave resistance but was finally defeated and lost his life in the process.

Before the battle he said that he would do his best to defeat the Arabs. If defeated, he would go to Heaven and if he won, his kingdom would be strengthened. He scorned the idea of taking refuge with friendly kings saying he regarded himself as the first line of defence against Arabs. And if he fell, other Indian kings would face trouble.

An unrecognized martyr of India.

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